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Sikkens Cetol Log Decor Interior Finish


Sikkens Cetol Log Decor is a high performance, translucent, satin finish for most interior wood surfaces. This urethane fortified acrylic formulation offers optimum protection and durability in a simple  two coat product. Highly transparent, quick drying, washable, non-yellowing.
A protective translucent satin finish that provides color and finish in one product for interior wood surfaces. The waterborne finish accentuates the natural grain and texture of all types of wood. Cetol Log Decor is recommended for interior wood such as doors, paneling, logs, windows, furniture, etc. Not recommended for use on  tabletops, kitchen countertops and floors.

Sheen: Satin

Description; Translucent waterborne finish combining color and finish in one product.

Usage: Logs, Paneling, Doors, Furniture

Features: One-Can System, Excellent Durability, Excellent Clarity, Long-Lasting Clarity, Easy Clean-Up / Low Odor

Technology: Acrylic Urethane

Coverage: Smooth wood – 400 – 500 sq. ft./gal.

Cleanup: Soap and water

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1 Gallon


043 Caramel